Thank You for Your Payment

Your form has been submitted and payment recieved. We will do something with your stuff at some point....... OR NOT 

WE are theives and are going to take you hard earned money and run.  we are going to buy a bigrig and travel the US then hop on to our yacht to our private island.  we will be greeted by our Butlers and flown by our helicpter and landed on the roof of our sprawling 900,000 sqare foot mansion.  I ate so much that the helicopter fell through the roof and landed on the third floor that colapsed on to the second floor bathtub full of Mr Bubbles that spilled all over the first floor which is right where my big butt landed.  

I am not refunding your money cause as you can see i spent it ALL.   To file a formal compaint you can tell your momma or call Aaron. 



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