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Fingerprint Form

Click here to fill out our fingerprint form. The form will open in a new tab.

FDLE Livescan (Level 2)

FDLE Livescan (Level 2)

Whether you are in the state of Florida or out-of-state, we have you covered for criminal history record checks.

For your convenience we have more than 40 locations available in Florida.

The cost of a Florida search is $98-$125 and the cost of an out-of-state search is $175.

Choose your form below to get started! After providing your information and remitting payment we will get back to you within 24 hours for the location closest to you.

Click for Florida FDLE Livescan - $125

Click for Florida FDLE Livescan, Ocala - $98

Click for Out-of-state FDLE Livescan - $175

Map of FDLE locations

On Top of the World

On Top of the World


Below are the [three] methods by which you can order and authorize your Residential Background Check for On Top of the World Communities.

Please choose one of the methods below.

Option 1
Electronic Applicant

Please click the link below in order to complete the background check application electronically.

Option 2
Written Application

Please complete the three documents below and mail to

Accurate Background Check
519 S. Pine Ave.
Ocala, Florida

Kindly note that the cost of your background check is $90.00. Please type that amount on the credit card authorization form.

Download, complete, and print:

ABC Credit Card Authorization FILLABLE

Option 3
Application by Phone

If you prefer, your application can be processed by phone, please call our office at 352.291.1155: Ext * (Star).
Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions or need assistance.

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Accurate Background Check, Inc. fulfills live fingerprint scanning for background checks required by:

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