Integrated Solutions

Background checks are generally quite comprehensive and a number of varied aspects need to be taken care of simultaneously during the process. We at Accurate Background Check understand that employers want nothing more than to get the whole procedure done with as soon as possible. To do so, we have built a system which provides integrated solutions to streamline and simplify background checks for our clients.

Streamlined Processing

To cut down on any redundant steps which may cause unnecessary delays, we conduct all our operations using top of the line technologies and solutions, all of which are updated on a regular basis enabling us to stay one step ahead of the competition. For you, this translates into faster turnaround times on service orders; after all, following accuracy of results, time is the top priority for clients in this particular industry.

Automated Order Requests

How many times have you ordered a corporate service and had to wait for days on end till the order got processed? Well, with our automated order request system, all order processing is conducted through an online portal. All you need to do to place an order is to create an account, and place all relevant details regarding each specific requirement.

By eliminating human intervention from the middle, a ton of time is saved on order requests. The background screening process begins right after you submit the form; no more waiting! You can even gain access to updated results and reports right through the portal as soon as you login using your username and password.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Through our state-of-the-art Applicant Tracking System (ATS), any information you enter is pre-populated into our system, resulting in the simplification of internal processes. Recruitment needs are handled electronically, eliminating the chance of human error. Furthermore, the ATS enables employers to check the status of screening processes regarding specific applicants on a real-time basis. 

Random Drug Test Screening

Consumption of drugs by the workforce is a growing concern, and organizations are therefore increasingly setting up random drug test screenings. The process often gets complicated, due the large amounts of information that needs to be handled.

In line with our integrated solutions approach, we have developed a system which automatically manages the schedule for such screening tests, handles and interprets the information, and delivers results right to you. All of this information can be accessed by the organization through the client portal, saving precious time and effort on both ends.

In order to streamline operations for mutual benefit, our staff works with you to ensure proper end-to-end integration. The final result is a swift and effective conductance of ordered services. Services and results are integrated through our online portal, and stringent guidelines are followed to guarantee security and privacy of all information stored within.

Client Login Web Portal

The confidentiality of your organization’s information is critical to us, and therefore is only accessible through our secure login portal. This ensures only authenticated users are able to get through. To gain access to all reports and findings that we have determined regarding your orders, simply login by entering the unique user ID and password provided to you.

Account Creation

Accounts are created once you order our services through the provided form. You can choose your own login ID and password upon ordering our services. Once the account is created, you will be able to access all records, reports, and results on a real-time basis through our Applicant Tracking System.

Managing Random Drug Screen Testing

Most organizations place special emphasis on drug screen testing to ensure that the employees are not in breach of acceptable ethical or moral conduct. Managing and observing the tests and the results can be a tedious task though. To streamline the process, we have integrated an automated random drug screen testing tool that manages the drug administration and delivery of results to the right people. Simply login using your login ID and password to begin using the tool.

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