Mitigation is a term that is often used in criminal courts and refers to the principle that if a party has suffered damages due to a breach of law (including contracts and torts); they have to take reasonable action to minimize the losses suffered.

Mitigation in Layman Terms

Consider a case where a person signed a contract to rent your apartment for a year, but only does so for the first month and returns the keys. You will be able to sue that person for breach of contract; however, you will also need to take reasonable action, like trying to find a new tenant for the remaining 11 months, to mitigate your own damages. If attempts for such are not taken, you do not have any legal rights to sue the first tenant for the rent that is due for the remainder of the year.

What Does a Mitigation Specialist Do?

As with all cases of the law, advisors and consultants can always be approached since such entities are better equipped to handle specialized scenarios. When it comes to mitigation, certain individuals exist who are qualified by knowledge, skill, experience, and training as a criminal justice, mental health, or sociology professional. These individuals are referred to as mitigation specialists, and specialize in presenting any and all mitigating factors to the concerned parties. The ultimate objective of mitigation specialists is to persuade concerned parties that a particular case is worthy of special consideration for whichever reason.

Why Would I Need a Mitigation Specialist?

At this point, you may wonder precisely what all this legal jargon has to do with the service that we offer, that is, background checks for companies. To understand this, one must understand exactly how mitigation specialists do what they do. In order to present mitigating circumstances for a particular defendant in a court of law, mitigation specialists proceed to dig through, investigate, and research the past of that individual in an intricate manner.

The mitigation evaluation report that is compiled is essentially a collected history of the individual’s life, from birth to the present time. Inquiries are made into every aspect of the person’s life, and are conducted with immense thoroughness and care. The point of all this is to discover the influencing factors that lead to the person committing whichever crime they are accused of. The sentence is sought to be mitigated by making the prosecutors consider the accused individual as a unique being with a family, and social history, instead of just criminal. For death penalty cases, mitigation specialists are fast becoming the norm for the defense, due to their specialized clinical and information-gathering skills.

At Accurate Background Checks, we offer a range of private investigative services, complete with highly experienced mitigation professionals. If a collective history of a particular individual is what you require, our mitigation specialists can help. A comprehensive report is compiled by the end of the investigation, detailing facts from various facets of the person’s life, all of which are acquired through extensive inquiries. Whether you want to avail the services of our mitigation specialists for court cases, or just a detailed report on the individual’s past, we can help!

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