Private Investigative Services

At times, especially when an organization is vetting candidates for top management positions which require a high level of trust, private investigations are performed. These investigations can vary in nature, depending on the firm’s requirements, and may be availed to get an all-inclusive report on the candidate(s) in question. Accurate Background Check, as part of our background screening service lineup, offers a range of top notch private investigate services.

In order to conduct private investigations, agencies must acquire a license from the State. Accurate Background Check is a registered private investigative service, and upon ordering any such service, our unique license number will be provided.

Court Appointed Investigations

In the business world, legal issues are not too uncommon, and parties often have to resort to investigative services to unearth relevant findings. Federal and Provincial regulations in the United States contain provisions to appoint a private investigator. The hired agency is tasked with the preparation of an impartial report on the case, and report the findings back to the court or any other decision-making bodies. Such investigations are referred to as Court Appointed Investigations, and can be availed at Accurate Background Check.

Expungement Processing

A civil law process through which prior criminal records can be removed, expungement has become quite popular in recent times. The process basically renders records of particular offences previously committed invisible to background checks.

State laws have defined a set of procedures one must go through for expungement processing, which if successful, results in the records being removed from the system after a fixed duration of time. At Accurate Background Check, expungement processing services are available, making the process expeditious.

Mitigation Specialist

Mitigation specialists are fast becoming a regular part of criminal defense lawyers, and specialize in digging through the past of a particular individual to obtain any and all influences on their behavior. Awareness of the kind of services that mitigation specialists is not high at this point in time, but those who do know what these individuals do make it a point to obtain such services for defense cases and collective history reports on a person. At Accurate Background Check, we have a team of mitigation specialists in place for such situations.

Private Investigation

The services of private investigators are in high demand, and are sought for a variety of situations. These may range anywhere from investigating extramarital affairs of a spouse, to collecting information about prospective candidates for a prestigious job position at organizations. We at ABC have a license to conduct such investigations, and specialize in obtaining all necessary information in a discreet manner.

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